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Image of Soldiers
"The Shot Heard 'Round the World"

This refers to the battle at Lexington which was the start of the American Revolutionary War. Since that day, countless men and women have paid the price in blood with their life and limbs, and with their treasure to establish and protect your Liberty and mine. Should we not, at least, use that Liberty?

Your Individual Freedom and Rights

The way you benefit by having Rights is by EXERCISING them, by using them in your daily life. In order to keep your rights you have to stand up for them, defend them and USE them.

One of the great Freedom documents, the Declaration of Independence, states that every individual posesses the unalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Thomas Jefferson wrote that your Rights are your property, meaning that you literally own them.

A Right is like a two-sided coin. On one side is your Right. On the other side is your Responsibility.

Right to Life
The Right to Life means your life belongs to you and that you have the right to defend it, and to take actions to preserve and prolong it.

Your Responsibility is that you can not take the life of another person, except in self defense, or damage their health.

Definition of Liberty - Merriam Webster Dictionary

1 :the quality or state of being free:
  a :the power to do as one pleases
  b :freedom from physical restraint
  c :freedom from arbitrary or despotic control
  d :the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges
  e :the power of choice

Your Responsibility is that you can not infringe on the Liberty of others.

Pursuit of Happiness
This is your Right to pursue any course of action that you think will bring Happiness. Happiness is not simply a joyful emotion but is also the physical state of knowing accomplishment, satisfaction, well being in your life, and hope for the future.

Your Responsibility is that all your actions be morally acceptable and do not, to the best of your ability, obstruct the happiness of others.

Money for Freedom

To enjoy freedom in today's world, you must first have enough money to provide for food and shelter. Beyond that, you need a sufficient amount to finance all of your dreams, goals, and desired lifestyle.

Do you want to enjoy Liberty and control your own Life by being financially independent? Here at the 'Flight to Freedom' Club website you learn things that work, why they work, and simple steps you can take to make sure they work for you.

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