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  Your Path to Success

Number 1. Protect Your Money

Save your money as Gold, stored and insured in a vault.
Spend directly as Gold or spend as US dollars with no fees to convert to dollars.

Most folks believe that the safest place to keep their money is in a bank. Considering the current turmoil in the worldwide Banking Industry, that may not be true.

What will you do if your bank closes its doors? They have taken steps to make it legal for the bank to confiscate your bank account if it becomes necessary to save the bank. The FDIC does not keep nearly enough reserves to replace all the deposits that they supposedly guarantee.

Is your money placed in a retirement account such as  an IRA or a 401k?  That money is not stored in a bank or vault somewhere. More than likely it is invested in the stock market as shares of stock. What happens if the stock market, or the particular shares of stock in your account, drops by 50%? Your account will instantly lose 50% of its dollar value.

This is NOT to say that you should not keep your retirement account, or keep your bank account!  But it is wise to always be diversified, to keep parts of your assets in different places. That way if something bad happens to one of your accounts you do not lose everything.

2. Develop a personal and reliable regular income.

The best way to have a personal income that you own and control is to have your own business. Decades ago when we were mostly a rural and agricultural society, personally owned businesses were very common. They were called family farms.

Since the advent of huge corporate farms, the majority of people have migrated to the cities. This made it very difficult to do anything but get a job working for a manufacturing, retail, or service company. In doing so, we have given up much of our personal Freedom.

But times are changing again. At present there are millions of people who work for themselves and run their own personal business on the internet. That may sound a bit scary to you, but I can assure you that there is NO ONE who will take better care of you and your best interests than YOU, yourself, will do.

3. A  simple, highly profitable business you can start today with no money down.

Ten good reasons for you to look at FreeMart.

1. You can start your business  for free, and start earning today.

2. You get a free LIFETIME membership.

3. You are never required to buy a product or spend any money.

4. Your 9 level Rewards Plan will leverage and exponentially increase your income.

5. The ONLY requirement for you to be paid on all 9 levels is for you to be a free member.

6. You will be an independent associate with a legal and an honest product based company.

7. You will be marketing high demand and high quality proprietary products worldwide.

8. You have a web site including a back office that instantly computes and updates every detail of your business.

9. You have 13 Landing Pages to promote your business and an in depth Training site that shows you exactly what to do.

10. FreeMart is a unique member Shopping Club that pays up to 90% of its profits back to the members. This is a business you will take pride in owning.

To put it simply, it will cost you nothing to start your own home business that is simple and easy to operate, and you can develop it into a high paying full time income.

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